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We are all unique

But there are paterns

Education should be flexible enough to allow us to learn our way. The only way this has worked so far is with very skilled teachers and trainers, who understand our different needs.

We all learn differently

And we can share

How we help

We can help you find training


We have helped lots of people find training over the years. In a variety of different formats.

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Exercises
  • Classroom courses
  • Podcasts


Training is best when it suits your schedule.

  • During your working day
  • While travelling
  • Spread over time
  • Bite Size
  • All at once


There are lots of training options out there, we find more all the time.

  • Personal trainers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Online libraries
  • Subject Experts
  • Technical documents


We will try anyway we can to share all this.

Where now?

We Suggest

Get some beginner knowledge

Beginner Info Session

Attend one of our beginner info sessions if you are looking for more information on where to learn a particular topic.

Then build some experience

Our Workshops

We run some workshops that last only a few hours. We also know some great trainers who run sessions on various topics.

Our Sites

We maintain some specialist web sites that hold lists of recommended training resources. They also help you to refine your training efforts.

Ask Around

Now you know a little more about your topic you could simply browse around the web and ask some friends, about good training.

Finally, work on your mastery

Our Courses

Courses are longer and more detailed that workshops. They are normally measured in days and weeks and are recommend once you have decided to really commit to learning something.

We are experienced teachers and trainers and we have our own specialist courses that we deliver. Have a look at our catalogue.

Other Courses

Of course we don't provide training on every possible topic, but we do know a lot about education and we can help you pick training from other places.

Follow us on social media or book us for a short advice session to get some recommendation.

Our sites

training sites

Our Eruditology platform is a software as a service (SaaS) technology and a conceptual way of organising training material.

This means that we can provide a ready made template specificaly engineered to improve the training efficency for groups of people.

This service and technique can be used in many ways. Here are some examples of ways that we are supporting society.

Find Job Skills logo

This comprehensive web site provides employeers with a means to focus training material and utilise interactive job role profiles.

Love 2 Learn Anything Logo

We all love our hobbies and researching how to improve our abilities. On this site we help people to filter through blogs, wikis, videos, books etc.

What do you want?

Are you interested?

So you have been reading about Eruditology and how the technology can help. But you have a unique situation and your wondering what we can offer you specifically.

Looking for a career change?

If your planning to try something new and would like a few ideas about where to start, or need to find some good training. Then try one of our beginner info session or book a 1-2-1 advice meeting for some specifc guidance.

Looking to improve a skill?

Maybe you already have the job of your dreams and you want to get better at it. We can help you find the right training provider.

Curious about learning preferences?

Not everybody likes the way that they have been taught before. Have you considered it might be because you haven't found the way that suits you the best?

On our specialist web sites we have a tool that will help you to identify your prefered leaerning style

Had enough of boring training?

If training is boring then it is probably the wrong type of training for you.

Come along to a beginner session where we discuss different learning preferences.


How much does it all cost?


We have a few options available depending on what you need to get done. If you are looking for training suggestions for yourself and don't mind using the search and filter features on our sites then the Free option is for you.


For those who like to find training resources and see what is required in job roles.
£0 per month

  • Access to our public special advice sites (premium option avail)
  • Follow us on social media for useful tips.
  • Attend a free info session.
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For those who want personalised training guidance. We run beginner group sessions to get you started. We also provide some indepth courses on selective topics.
Starting from £20 per 30min session

£40 per 30min session
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Custom Training Courses

For individuals or groups who need more specific guidance or mentoring on selected topics.
contact us for a quote

  • Corporate web development.
  • Microsoft certified training.
  • Business Marketing.
  • Social Media Advertising.
  • Lists of recommended trainers.
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To get you started

Great places to find training

These are just a few idea's of places that you can go to find some good training.
During a 1-2-1 session or a training workshop we can use our experience and special processes to identify the right places for you.

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