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September / October 2018

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Career Coaching Sessions (5 seats max)

3rd October at 20:00 (and on the 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th)
If you are planning on starting a career in web development or you are aiming to take the next step and reach team leader or senior level. Then this is a good place to start. We identify where you are now and where you want to get to. We figure in things like your personal learning preferences, budget and timescales.
To be able to spend enough time with each participant these public sessions are restricted to a maximum of 5 people.
£20 30 minute session
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1-2-1 Advice (private)

This is very similar to the Career Coaching Session described above but is a private descussion between you and the career coach.
£40 30 minute session

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Small Business Website series - taking payments

Online session, where we show some fantastic tools for building websites. We also go over various options like working with an agency or local designer.tracking customers, taking payments, managing social media accounts.
£20 30 minute session

Whats on offer

Our Catalogue

We have a selection of workshops and courses available, based on our speciality subjects. However no one can know everything, and we don't pretend to. Over the years we have met and worked with many other trainers and organisations who provide help on loads of subjects. We will be very happy to point you in the right direction.

Small Business Website Series

We happen to know quite a bit about setting up websites for business. This course covers things like finding someone to host your site, building your site, accepting payments and advertising your site.

Getting Started With Programming Series

This is the theory of programming or in professional terms "software development". These sessions will give you what you need to get started in a new career of programming.

1 on 1 Advice

We can help you identify your learning preferences and find appropriate training to match. Even if we can not provide the training ourselves, we probably know someone who can.

Corporate Consultation

From time to time we have helped various corporate clients to streamline their training programs. We have seen the biggest improvements when training needs to cross geographical and cultural boarders.

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